West Hoathly Bowls Club - COACHING


The following tips are not the magic answers to every bowlers problem they may help to solve a problem in the short term.
You could always try and seek the advice of Roy Williams our Level 2 E.B.C.S Club Coach. 
The problem may not be as bad as you think, but if you do not get help it may get worse.

1. Delivering the Jack too Short or too Long

A lot of bowlers do not cast or deliver the jack properly. They think that because it is such a small object it is easy. This is quite the opposite as in many cases, the person who has the mat and controls the Jack may control the game. When you deliver the Jack you should take as much care and effort in its delivery as you would when delivering your woods. So proper care and attention when delivering the Jack is very important to the whole team.

2. Playing too Heavy

Slow down, are you taking your arm back too far and then bringing it forward too fast? A fast arm movement will cause your bowl to travel too fast. Try not to deliver your bowl whilst you are still moving forward, as this causes the bowl to travel faster.

3. Playing too Short

Move your arm through your delivery quicker. This increase of the speed of your arm and should send the bowl down the green faster, then just keep practising to find your correct delivery speed.

4. Playing too Narrow

Ensure your whole body is pointing down the line that you are playing. Have you picked the Shoulder of the green? (The point where your bowl slows down and starts turning toward the centre line). Are your eyes, feet and whole body pointing at the shoulder? If not just turn your whole body more down the line you are bowling. Do not look at the Jack.

5. Playing too wide

Once again ensure that you are pointing your whole body down the line to the shoulder of the green. Make sure that when you step forward you step down the line you are facing, ie; towards the shoulder. Ensure that you swing your arm straight back and straight forward like a pendulum, try and avoid swinging your arm out to the side. The action should be a smooth pendulum action down the side of your body. Try and keep your shoulders as level as possible. Do not bend sideways at the waist.

6. Bumping your Woods

You are delivering your woods too high. Try and bend your knees to get closer to the green and release your bowls at green level. When the bowl leaves your hand it should leave your hand over your fingers straight onto the green. The problem with Bumping your woods is that as soon as the wood hits the floor is loses approximately one third of its speed and will more than likely not reach the Jack. You might think that you could increase the speed of your bowls to compensate for the Bumping. This would cause an even worse problem and that is you could mark the green and take out divots, if you are bowling Outdoors, this would not please the Green keeper.


No matter how small the problem is, please speak to Roy Williams for help.  
He may be able to have a bowls clinic with you and help put your problem right. Don’t be frightened to ask for advice.